At Animantis, we develop and apply computational tools to comprehensively characterize cellular function to guide the future of medicine.

Phenotypic cell characterization is vital to understanding disease biology, but available methods fail to provide sufficient insight. We aim to fix this. With expertise spanning biology, engineering, and computer science, Animantis is bridging the gap between what can be done in healthcare and what currently is done.

Our cloud-based platform applies computer vision and machine learning techniques in order to maximize meaningful insight from cellular assays. Unique advantages of our technology include:

  • Hundreds of cells analyzed automatically and simultaneously
  • Label or label-free
  • Any type of static or dynamic cell analysis
  • Dozens of metrics per cell per assay

The advanced cell characterization we provide enables a level of understanding not before possible at both the clinical and research levels. In clinical settings, we can look at primary patient cells, such as immune cells, to monitor patient disease severity and treatment response, giving healthcare professionals detailed information not before accessible. Additionally, we can facilitate better drug discovery by providing automated analytics that are cost-effective and efficient, making our platform an ideal tool for better predicting drug efficacy and improving in vitro assay design.